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Bell Lap Cycleworks is an idea and a dream Josh and Hugo have had since they got into the cycling industry.  Josh reintroduced himself to cycling in 2008 and has worked in the industry, locally, since 2012.  He has run shops from big to small, from Raleigh, to Chapel Hill, to Wake Forest. He Started Bell Lap Cycleworks in 2018, putting this idea into motion.  From Wrenching, to running stores around North Carolina and Managing the Mid Atlantic region of shops, Hugo has been in the cycling industry 1993.  He Joined the squad in 2022.  Bell Lap Cycleworks is our vision of what a personalized Bicycle service is.  

Bell Lap Cycleworks is for anyone, whether you are an elite racer or wanting to get into cycling.  The main driving force behind Bell Lap Cycleworks is the want to spread the joy of cycling.  From the Smile on your face, to the mid ride coffee, to the Post race beer, to the spurred friendships, cycling is all encompassing.  Offering a full range of services, We can custom tailor these to meet the needs of the individual cyclist.  That’s why we love it! And that’s what makes us tick.

Let us be your personalized cycling solution.

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