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We are a Certified BikeFit level 1 bike fitting facility.  We use video and laser analytics to dial in and align the rider on their bike, with a focus on the foot and pedal interface and pelvic stability.  

Bicycle Fitting - $190

Cleat Fitting - $60

We position the cleats new or old in alignment of the metatarsal structure and its desired positioning over the pedal spindle. We also align cleat positions so that proper cleat rotation is achieved, as well as use cleat wedges to depending on the varus or valgus orientation of the foot.   

Bicycle Consultation - Starting at $50

We take strategic body measurements and analyze those numbers in relation with the geometry of bikes, from a database of manufactures' and figure out the best fitting option for the customer.  

Wheel Building - $80

We hand build wheels to the desired specifications of the customer.  Each one hand laced and tensioned.  Whether you source the parts or we do we can build your dream wheels.

Bicycle Maintenance & Service - $10 and up

We offer full service bicycle repair, whether you need a quick derailleur adjustment or full bike overhaul.  Need scheduled maintenance around your race season? We do that as well. 

Need a bike fitting, consultation or service?
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